Other Lovers: Reader Reports

Of course, I’m not the only Guinnesslover out there so feel free to tweet, mail or comment your own reports, pics or observations which will be added below (with name in brackets if supplied). I’ll try & make it my business to personally verify any ratings. My comments are in italics.

Remember, any out-of-four ratings are the feelings of other Guinnesslovers & not my own & so are not Guinnesslove.com verified.

23/4/16 – McHugh’s, Liscannor, Co. Clare – 3/4 (Rob). Another smooth beauty. Solid 3/4. C – West Clare seems to be a great spot for the G’s by the looks of things.

22/4/16 – Kenny’s, Lahinch, Co. Clare – 3/4 (Rob). Quality taste o’cream. A strong 3. C – That looks like a right nice creamer alright.Kennys Lahinch2

17/3/16 – The Goat Grill, Goatstown – 2/4 (Toddy). Have had G’s here before but let down tonight. C – Disappointing, & on Paddy’s day & all.

21/1/16 – The Step Inn, Stepaside – 3/4 (Toddy). Strong 3/4 poss a 4! Everything you want from a G. So creamy, great taste as it should be!! C – Always a delight when you get one “as it should be”. That is superb head retention right there, looks well creamy.

Toddy Step Inn 2 3

12/1/16 – Maldron Hotel, Wexford – 4/4 (Roghan). Tasty when you’ve a thirst, eh, 4/4. C – That’s some statement for a hotel. Maybe that thirst did have had an effect on the rating. Still, always worth verifying & they don’t look half bad.

Roghan Maldron2

30/12/15 – Jimmy O’Briens, Killarney – 4/4 (Toddy). Brought to this pub especially and hasn’t disappointed; cream heaven. G-licious. C – Damn, they look good! This place will be first on my list next time I’m down there.

Jimmy O Briens Killarney oOddy 2

30/12/15 – Murphy’s, Killarney – 3/4 (Toddy). Solid 3/4 Guinness time here for sure! Large head but so creamy even the boy liked it. C – Guinnesslove.com does not condone underage drinking! Head looks well creamy, if a little big. Well worth a try though.

Murphys Killarney Toddy 2

30/12/15 – Scott’s, Killarney – 2/4 (Toddy). Lovely bit o’cream, just a tad too watery to give it a 3. Pleasant pint though. C – 2 isn’t pleasant anywhere in my book. It may look well but they need to try harder.Scots Killarney Toddy 1

20/12/15 – Middleton Park House, Casteltown Geoghan – 3/4 (Rob). Quality G, solid 3/4. C – this one has been Guinnesslove.com verified.

RobnToddy MPH2

18/10/15 (Ro). 78% of what we breathe is nitrogen. This means a good pint of Guinness is basically the same a breathing. C – 4/4.

10/10/15 – The Long Hall, Dublin – 3/4 (Rob). Solid pint of G. Must be said, great service too. C – Was there myself on the night, have to say, no more than a 2 for me.

9/10/15 – Peter’s Pub, Dublin – 2/4 (Ro).  A great spot for a sneaky afternoon pint. Price of a G has unforgiveably shot up to €5.30 though. Head retention wasn’t great and there was a definite squinty-wince situation emerging in the 2nd half. Gonna stick to the Smithwicks next time. C – Good report. Very disappointing. Have had lovely pints in there in the distant past, &  at a decent price too as far as I can recall. Places are caring about their G-punters less & less these days, could be the case for this establishment now too. Will have to self verify.

4/10/15 – Jack Ryan’s, Abbeyfeale, Co. Limerick – 4/4 (Toddy). Holy sh!t, we have a 4/4. Just look at the blubbering cream head & the cream hugging the glass all the way down, this is Guinness at its finest. C – Considering the first report came in at 7pm, & this one came in at 12:40am, the pintage in between has to be taken into consideration (I like to keep my reviews to the first 2 pints only) but man does that look good. The head retention looks up there with the best of them, I’m salivating just looking at those pics. You lucky G-Lover! Abbeyfeale sounds like G-Heaven.

Jack Ryans Abbeyfeale 3

3/10/15 – The Cellar, Abbeyfeale, Co. Limerick – 3/4 (Toddy). I knew this was gonna be a good pint with the cream blubbering over the rim. Defo 3/4. They like their cream in Abbeyfeale, this is just how pints should be. C – Looks good alright. When you get a slight runoff & the head retains it’s solidity you know it’s got the cream. That pint in the background looks perfect too, the head is about to jump out at its lucky owner.

The Cellar Abbeyfeale

3/10/15 – Jack O’Rourke’s, Abbeyfeale, Co. Limerick – 3/4 (Toddy). Solid cream all the way & big dollop at the bottom after, plus €3.90: close to a 4. It’s G-licious! C – The head looks excellent, very solid, clearly holding its own. And great value.


19/9/15 – The Hairy Lemon, Dublin – 2/4 (Toddy). Not a great taste. C – The head on that pint looks  fizzy & the runoff suggests it’s a watery one. I can see where this rating is coming from alright.

150919 Hairy

19/9/15 – Bruxelles, Dublin – 1/4 (Toddy). I wanna give it another chance but this one was like water. Must have been a bad keg/ pour/ glass as it’s usually good . C – Very surprised at this. Pinted down here over the summer & the pints, though ridiculously dear (“yer on the Southside now” says the barman to me!), were well tasty, a high 3/4, so will deffo have to self-verify this one. Can clearly see from the pic that there’s a definite lack of creaminess going on.

150919 Bruxelles

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