Darcy’s Restaurant, Belfast – July 2015 (2/4)

Not Guinness time, not here anyway.

You’d think I woulda learned from my previous restaurant experience but a Guinnesslover is just that & so can’t resist when he sees a tap. Again, as per the last time I ordered a pint in a restaurant, I asked them how the Guinness was & they advised me not to worry, that it was excellent. Again, this turned out to be false. I guess the people in restaurants that are tasting these are not Guinnesslovers, they are foodies, & therefore can’t actually tell what a quality pint is.

When the pint arrived I shook the glass & the head seems a little watery, which is the first sign that it may not be up to standard. After about 3 sups the head had dissipated into some fluff-froth & that was that. I struggled on through as the were a nice bunch & I didn’t want to upset anyone but another member of my party mentioned it to the waiter when I was in the bog &, fair play to them, they didn’t charge for it (don’t worry, I’m not a bollix, we overtipped to cover the fact that I did drink most of it!). More establishments should take a leaf out of Darcy’s book in this regard.

The food in here is the best I’ve had when eating-out (I gave them a 5/5 on Tripadvisor), just leave the Guinness for somewhere else.