The Crane Bar, Galway – July 2015 (4/4)

My goodness! Now that’s Guinness!

Seeing as how this is a place well known for its trad sessions, you’d be expecting the Guinness be up to standard. Oh, it is. For me it was just a sneaky one after a wedding ceremony so it was about 3 in the afternoon of a Friday. There were 3 people in the place, including the barman, which was perfect for us tryin to get a swift one in before the Salthill strand photocall. One of the locals was a total bousey. He could barely speak to us, & anything he did say was gobbledy-gook, but, in fairness, he did try to engage, so I can confirm that the locals are friendly.

When the pint settled in front of me it looked like absolute perfection. You’d think the head had been measured with bloody ruler it was so right &, through the glass, the black-darkness seemed as black as vantablack; so dark it absorbs all but 0.035% of visual light such that the human eye can’t understand what it’s seeing. Shapes & contours are lost, leaving nothing but an apparent abyss (to paraphrase the Independant’s Ian Johnston). I was staring into a Guinness abyss & I wanted to dive in. The pint was so cool & full of that creamy flavour I love …right to that last gulp. Unfortunately it was over all too soon as we were wanted down the beach & so couldn’t stick around for seconds.

This place serves a quality pint of Guinness. Go.