The Galway Hooker, Heuston Station, Dublin – July 2015 (3/4)

Guinness time

This place is just a stones-throw from Guinnesses (you can see the gates from the outside bar area) so on the right day, at the right time (the time I was here included) you will get the amazing aroma of the roasting hops from across in the brewery on your way in, which will really get the mouth watering for a cool, tasty G. Being a train station you might think they mightn’t give a shite what slop they serve the passing trade but this is not the case. My pint was served by a friendly foreign chap who poured a grand pint from the temporary outside-bar in the main train-station concourse. The pint was all you would expect; bit o’the cream, lovely taste, would deffo go again. Unfortunately our train was due so I could only stay to enjoy the one but would have no qualms about having another here in future.

Heuston July 15