Slattery’s, Beggars Bush, Dublin – Oct ’15 (3/4)

Guinness Time

As previously mentioned, this is the pre/ post -match watering hole on match days, but considering it was a positively balmy October evening, the cans were out so Slats had to wait until after the game. They reason I’m mentioning this is due to the fact that, seeing as how we’d just beaten world-champs Germany 1-0, there is the distinct possibility that I could have drank from an old-shoe & enjoyed it so take from this report what you will.

The pints this time round were served in plastic glasses but, as before, this didn’t detract from them in any way. There was a good bit o’the cream, the taste was excellent, very tasty; I really enjoyed the pint. You can see from the pic that the creaminess lasted really well right down the glass, providing a gulpulicious finisher. Was gagging for the next one once the first was polished off. This place is really consistent & serves good Guinness. Another high 3.

Slats 8.10.15 small

Slattery’s, Beggars Bush, Dublin – Sept ’15 (3/4)

Guinness time

It used to be nigh on impossible to get in the door here on matchday but they’ve since expanded out the back & upstairs & the place is now huge so we’ve made it our matchday watering hole (when not drinking cans while basking in the sunshine on the Beggar’s Bush grassy knoll of course). The match this time round was Ireland – Georgia on a Monday night so the first pints were late afternoon. The pour was exellent, the pint settled just right. Nice bit o’the cream, good taste, decent lastability; very drinkable, as it should be.

Post-match I returned & ordered from the same bar (upstairs) but was served by a different barman &, again, the pour was excellent & the pints just lovely. The decent creaminess & good head retention can be seen in the 2nd pic below: looking good. I must add that on busy match days the pints come in plastic glasses & they’re still fairly decent. I like drinking Guinness here; a high 3/4.

Pre-match / Post-match
Pre-match / Post-match