Donoghue’s, Portlaoise – June 2015 (4/4)

My goodness! Now that’s Guinness!

This is a really cozy local, right on Market Square in the centre of Portlaoise. The proprietor, Seamus Donoghue, knew everyone that came in & was pouring the pints himself. This is always a good sign, & by-Jaysus did he deliver. I could see the quality creaminess once the first pint was laid in front of me & just knew it was going to be great. The feel & the taste of those first gulps was pure tasty refreshment & that lasted right through to the final, creamy finisher. Obviously, I went back to the well a couple-o’times more.

This place is quiet & friendly & serves as good a pint of Guinness as you’re likely to find. Guinness drinkers; this place deserves your custom!

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