The Oslo, Salthill, Galway – July 2015 (3/4)

Guinness time

This place is “the home of Galway Bay Brewery” so when I went to the bar all I could see were the craft beer/ local stout taps which gave me a bit of a fear. Fortunately the barman could see my wandering eyes & my grimace & let me know that they had a Guinness tap to cater for those like myself. If they didn’t have Guinness on tap, I woulda just gone for a beer as I can’t stand any other stout (some of them taste like there’s a fish in them; God they are bad).

Upon delivery, the pint seemed to be holding up well & the taste didn’t disappoint either; bit o’the cream, nice taste: as it should be. The place is nice & the people seem friendly, not a bad spot for a nice pint-o-G.

Actual Pint
Actual Pint

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