Mount Wolseley Hotel, Carlow – Dec ’15 (2/4)

Not Guinness time, not here anyway.

Yes, it’s a hotel bar, and it’s a bloody massive hotel too. It’s a kids hotel really; they’re everywhere. They’re in reception, in the hallways, outside lifts & everywhere in the lounge. All-ages, from 3 months to probably 13 years, playing chasing round the tables, crawling backwards on all fours, screaming at parents, screaming at each other, screaming at themselves, yes it’s all happening in this lounge. Where are the parents you might ask? Well, they’re right there in the lounge too, boozing away. So parents bring kids here because it’s an extremely child-friendly hotel with a vast lounge (play) area. The adults are not here for quality pints, they’re just here for any pints! So what would you really expect from the Guinness here?

Served up with a bubble-filled head (we know a Guinness head tells no lies), I was absolutely expecting a the worst….

Bubble Head

I gave it an average sup &, to my surprise, it didn’t taste like the dregs. Certainly not one I’d describe as creamy, no way, not even opening the tasty-book, but drinkable, yes, enough to try another to be safe. Yet again, it was ok-ish, certainly not horrific; they’re consistent anyway.

Mt Wol 29.12.15 1

I was thinking of giving a low 3 here but “sher, it’s drinkable” isn’t good enough, “sher, it’s drinkable” is a 2/4. More effort definitely needed here to get in the good books.

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