Mulligan & Haines, Dame St., Dublin – Dec ’20 (3/4)

Guinness Time

So the lockdown has been re-lifted… for a week or two! Time to get them in. As you can well imagine, I had been absolutley gagging for a G seeing as I was in the middle of aonther G-drought; over three months since my last (these really are crazy times indeed). So, as per last time out, booking was required, food to the value of €9 was required, & add in now masks required, sanitised hands required, they really make you work for The Good BlacknWhite so it better be bloody well worth it! This was the only place in town we could find with a table &, being a relatively new establishment, there was definitely that anxiousness that all G-Lovers have which stems from the fact that trendy bars (& bars in general these days) don’t give a flying fork about your average G-Punter & thus put no effort into ensuring the quality of the G, nor the art of the G. Anyway, we took the G-Plunge & that’s when the full-on pre-G hit.

G1 2
She’s a Thickie

Yer man behind the bar seemed to know what he was at anyway & the Settlers stood there a good while, allowed to do what they need to be allowed to do. When they arrived that the table (table service only these days, no one allowed near the bar!) they looked good n solid, the wobble-test showed excellent hold; these were Thickies, I couldn’t wait to dive in. I went for a good gulp-gargle that must have brought me halfway in & gave me a full on G-Sniff. Mmmmmm, black & creamy, just what the doctor ordered. So drinkable, smooth like velvet o’er my MouthnThroat. The head retention was some of the best I’ve seen (as the pics attest to) so top marks for thickness. Yes! I was overjoyed, they were good uns, I could rest easy, I could enjoy. I ate her up, she just flowed & I was buzzing with that feeling of elation only G-people can truly understand. This is what pints everywhere need to strive for; more than just a bit o’the cream; really good, solid numbers. We horsed into a couple more before having to leave at the alotted time(!). Thumbs up to this place, doing right by these G-men.

Serious Retention

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