Rating System

Pintability will be judged on basic factors (creaminess, tastiness etc) which I’ll advise in each post ultimately assigning a rating to each establishment’s effort. The pint will fall somewhere on the scale of undrinkable (1/4) to perfection (4/4) as follows:

  • My goodness! Is that Guinness? (1/4)
  • Not Guinness time, not here anyway. (2/4)
  • Guinness time. (3/4)
  • My goodness! Now that’s Guinness! (4/4)

The minimum that should be expected from any self respecting Guinness vendor should be a 3/4; tasty, as it should be, no problem going again & again in such a place; it’s Guinness time & we’re happy. Anything below that & they’re just not trying.