Mulligan’s, Dublin – August 2015 (4/4)

My goodness! Now that’s Guinness!

Followers of this blog will come to see that this is where a Guinnesslover goes to get what they want. The cream rises to the top & Mulligans is the cream when it comes to the best pints around. Hoping for more of the same on this occasion I was joined by a fellow Guinnesslover &, seeing as I was delayed by literally 2 minutes, he went ahead & ordered. This is what awaited me upon arrival:

Mulligans end Aug 2015 small

Mmmmm, creamy. Just look at that little cream-leak dribbling down the side of the cold glass. And there’s such solidity to that head you just know it’s going to give the perfect lip-flop when you make that first move towards your mouth. Watch out though, it’s so good you might over do it. Just a couple of large gulps, put it down & savour that taste. This is why you work hard. This pint had everything what I want from my pints, as did the many that followed. Great work as always Mulligans.

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