Mulligan’s, Dublin – Sept ’15 (4/4)

My goodness! Now that’s Guinness!

Ah yes, this place again. My favourite Guinnessing-hole. If you haven’t already seen them, check out my previous pint-reviews for Mulligans which show top pintability on both occasions. As expected, it was no different time time. A head with perfect consistency that’s pure creamy heaven & that 4/4 for taste right to the final, beautiful gulp. Superb head retention, as evidenced on the glass in the pic below. Excellence in every way; a Guinnesslovers dream.

G-tip: For your final gulp, turn the glass around & get more of that creamy residue. Mmmmmm

Mulligans 12.9.15 3

As I was trying to be good on account of having to go for dinner with company, & having already had a couple in the Gravity bar,  I decided to try a Guinness Mid-strength for my next one. I really, really wanted for this to work, & the pint looked ok, but 2 sups in & I knew I had a G-saster on my hands. It tastes bloody awful. I soldiered on but couldn’t take it any more & so grabbed myself a quick glass of the good stuff &, of course, it was top-quality as ever. Here’s the beauty (that’s my attempt to tackle the pint of mid-strength in the background):

Mulligans 12.9.15 Glass

So, a word of advice; if yer tryin te take it easy, just get a glass of Guinness instead of a pint of Guinness Mid-strength & drink it slower so that you finish up at the same time everyone else finishes their pint. Take it from a Guinnesslover, you will not regret taking course this action.

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