Cassidy’s, Camden St., Dublin – Oct ’15 (4/4)

My goodness! Now that’s Guinness!

I was starting to think I’d never find another 4/4 outside of good old Mulligans. Well, how delighted I am to be able to say I was wrong. Yes! There is another pub in Dublin that actually cares enough about the average Guinness drinker to make sure that the pints are top quality every time.

The place was fairly packed, as it was the Sunday of an Ireland weekend & there was rugby then football on the telly, so it took a few mins to get my pint but by-jaysus was it worth it. Good creamy head, nice & solid, sprouting up over the lip, perfect priest’s collar. Look at this beauty:

Cassidys 11.10.15 2 small

But the real excitement hit during my first gulp. Not only did it give me the perfect creaminess but the taste was just amazing! I was buzzing as it flowed down, I knew it was good, possibly very good. When you realise you have a really good one on your hands you get that feeling you got when you’d get into an over 18’s disco at the age of 16: pure giddy. Mmmmmm, this was a great one. I could not believe how tasty it was; pure golden creamy goodness all the way to an absolutely gorgeous finisher. Heaven for a G-man.

Cassidys 11.10.15 Double

And the good ones kept coming. Guinnesslovers, this place cares about you. This is gonna become a regular G-haunt for me; nice atmosphere, nice interior, nice staff, Sunday trad seis is good craic too &, most importantly, top-quality Guinness. Thank you Cassidy’s.

Mulligan’s, Dublin – Sept ’15 (4/4)

My goodness! Now that’s Guinness!

Ah yes, this place again. My favourite Guinnessing-hole. If you haven’t already seen them, check out my previous pint-reviews for Mulligans which show top pintability on both occasions. As expected, it was no different time time. A head with perfect consistency that’s pure creamy heaven & that 4/4 for taste right to the final, beautiful gulp. Superb head retention, as evidenced on the glass in the pic below. Excellence in every way; a Guinnesslovers dream.

G-tip: For your final gulp, turn the glass around & get more of that creamy residue. Mmmmmm

Mulligans 12.9.15 3

As I was trying to be good on account of having to go for dinner with company, & having already had a couple in the Gravity bar,  I decided to try a Guinness Mid-strength for my next one. I really, really wanted for this to work, & the pint looked ok, but 2 sups in & I knew I had a G-saster on my hands. It tastes bloody awful. I soldiered on but couldn’t take it any more & so grabbed myself a quick glass of the good stuff &, of course, it was top-quality as ever. Here’s the beauty (that’s my attempt to tackle the pint of mid-strength in the background):

Mulligans 12.9.15 Glass

So, a word of advice; if yer tryin te take it easy, just get a glass of Guinness instead of a pint of Guinness Mid-strength & drink it slower so that you finish up at the same time everyone else finishes their pint. Take it from a Guinnesslover, you will not regret taking course this action.

Mulligan’s, Dublin – August 2015 (4/4)

My goodness! Now that’s Guinness!

Followers of this blog will come to see that this is where a Guinnesslover goes to get what they want. The cream rises to the top & Mulligans is the cream when it comes to the best pints around. Hoping for more of the same on this occasion I was joined by a fellow Guinnesslover &, seeing as I was delayed by literally 2 minutes, he went ahead & ordered. This is what awaited me upon arrival:

Mulligans end Aug 2015 small

Mmmmm, creamy. Just look at that little cream-leak dribbling down the side of the cold glass. And there’s such solidity to that head you just know it’s going to give the perfect lip-flop when you make that first move towards your mouth. Watch out though, it’s so good you might over do it. Just a couple of large gulps, put it down & savour that taste. This is why you work hard. This pint had everything what I want from my pints, as did the many that followed. Great work as always Mulligans.

The Crane Bar, Galway – July 2015 (4/4)

My goodness! Now that’s Guinness!

Seeing as how this is a place well known for its trad sessions, you’d be expecting the Guinness be up to standard. Oh, it is. For me it was just a sneaky one after a wedding ceremony so it was about 3 in the afternoon of a Friday. There were 3 people in the place, including the barman, which was perfect for us tryin to get a swift one in before the Salthill strand photocall. One of the locals was a total bousey. He could barely speak to us, & anything he did say was gobbledy-gook, but, in fairness, he did try to engage, so I can confirm that the locals are friendly.

When the pint settled in front of me it looked like absolute perfection. You’d think the head had been measured with bloody ruler it was so right &, through the glass, the black-darkness seemed as black as vantablack; so dark it absorbs all but 0.035% of visual light such that the human eye can’t understand what it’s seeing. Shapes & contours are lost, leaving nothing but an apparent abyss (to paraphrase the Independant’s Ian Johnston). I was staring into a Guinness abyss & I wanted to dive in. The pint was so cool & full of that creamy flavour I love …right to that last gulp. Unfortunately it was over all too soon as we were wanted down the beach & so couldn’t stick around for seconds.

This place serves a quality pint of Guinness. Go.

Mulligans, Dublin – June 2015 (4/4)

My goodness! Now that’s Guinness!

Special mention goes out to this place as this pub serves the most consistently amazing Guinness in the city. I have never got a bogey pint here, in fact, I’ve never got anything less than a 4/4!

This visit was no exception. The pint settles outrageously creamily, it’s delight to behold. The glass is cold & damp to hold & the floppy-touch of that cream on the upper lip is like landing face down in a cloud. The flavour is exactly as I expect from my pint of Guinness; pure tasty blackness, so cool & drinkable. If St. Peter lets me through the pearly gates, I want to be met by a freshly poured Mulligans pint on the other side. This is Guinness as it should be. If you want to taste Guinness, this is the place for you, this is G-heaven.

Pearly Gates2

Donoghue’s, Portlaoise – June 2015 (4/4)

My goodness! Now that’s Guinness!

This is a really cozy local, right on Market Square in the centre of Portlaoise. The proprietor, Seamus Donoghue, knew everyone that came in & was pouring the pints himself. This is always a good sign, & by-Jaysus did he deliver. I could see the quality creaminess once the first pint was laid in front of me & just knew it was going to be great. The feel & the taste of those first gulps was pure tasty refreshment & that lasted right through to the final, creamy finisher. Obviously, I went back to the well a couple-o’times more.

This place is quiet & friendly & serves as good a pint of Guinness as you’re likely to find. Guinness drinkers; this place deserves your custom!